JC821 Style Gift Box
JC821 Style Gift Box

JC821 Style Gift Box

Description 2 Piece Cardboard Gift Box With 2 Piece Foam Insert. Build Your Own Gift Sets - Add Insert Price Per Item, Gift Box, And Items Required. 
Notes  Please Ensure Item/S Fit Within Gift Box Size 170mm L X 80mm W X 32mm H. For Items With Cables This Will Require An Additional Insert Item Add On Into Bottom Piece Of Foam.
Colours  Orange - Red - Green - Dark Blue - Light Blue - Black - Gunmetal/silver - Silver 
Size 170 x 80 x 32mm (LxWxH)
Decoration  Pad Print on Black Gift Box 
- Box Lid 60 x 60mm (LxH)
Digital Sleeve on Black Gift Box 
- 264 x 168mm (LxH) 
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